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Your Home Outside Your Home


You know when it’s time to invest in the perfect furniture for your outdoor living room.  Many people tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, so why wouldn’t we decorate the same way we would indoors?  It’s so much more like home when your room is complete.  So, let’s take a look at some fun outdoor furniture and why not some lighting too?  It not only adds style, but it also give you light into the night to make it easier to see and avoid accidental trips and spills.

1.If you enjoy eating in the backyard, make sure you at least have a dining set. This allows you and your guests a place to sit and relax, and it also makes mealtime that much better. When it comes to outdoor furniture, you should take the time to know what you’re buying. If you are only looking at the price, you may be settling for something that won’t last long.  As you know, Australia’s harsh weather can quickly put an end to your purchase.  So before you buy, make sure the materials are strong and durable and designed for outdoor use, whether its timber or wicker, make sure they are weather-resistant, even if you spend a little more because it’s well worth the investment.


2.Try matching accent pieces with your furniture, doing this gives you the daytime decor you will love. This gives you a fabulous daytime  look with the ambient lighting taking it to a new level later in the evening.  For   example, if you already have a black wicker lounge or dining setting, like the Luxo Honduras 4 Seater Wicker Outdoor Dining Set, you can hang a black wicker lamp above your table, check out the Luxo Kiran Hanging Outdoor Solar Wicker Lamp.




3.Place several black wicker floor lamps around the area for a more dramatic look to your entire space live you’ve never had before.  A couple of great choices are the Luxo Kingston Outdoor Solar Wicker Floor Lamp and the Luxo Grover Outdoor Solar Wicker Floor Lamp. One of the best things about solar lighting is that there’s no need for cords or electrical outlets since they are powered by the sun.  This means that as you enjoy your outdoor experience, it doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down and you don’t even have to turn it on, it does this all by itself.


Published: 31 Aug 2016