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Using Industrial Theme The Right Way


In the world of constantly changing tastes in every niche of every category, it’s not astonishing to see that more and more people are getting bored of those sweet, enchanting, castle-like houses. With the changing attitude of people and newer generation renovating their homes frequently, comes a hunger to try something new. This season, home styling is all about the industrial theme.

From sophistication to a rough look, pricey furniture to salvaged objects, polished tiles to unfinished surfaces, best sellers to rustic aesthetics; the trend has been gaining a lot of popularity. Raw and edgy look is now becoming pleasing to the eyes. Well, to put it simply - In the world of home design, this theme is the new black. And it is here to stay.

So what’s holding you back? Here are few ways to spruce up your home with the industrial looking theme.

1.Draw Inspiration

Got a warehouse nearby? Or perhaps a manufacturing house, barn or yard? Go check it out. Get ideas. Look at how it’s structured and contemplate how the ambience is created. Oh, while you’re at it; why not ask the owner for any unwanted stuff that might come in handy for you?


2.Pipes, Woods, Bricks and Lights

It’s not an industrial look if there aren’t any exposed pipes, wooden furnishing, or red hues of rustic bricks. Just pair them with matching styles of lighting fixtures to give that finishing touch. For outdoor spaces, choose large concrete exterior lightings that speaks industrial tone.

3.Overstuffed Cushioning Vs. Solid Upholstery

Confusing your ambience by mixing cushy ottoman with metal stools is the last thing you should do. While comfort is the first priority, opt for furniture that displays rawness. Go for bold, edgy coffee tables and beds with raised legs. When talking furniture, befriend leather sofas and chairs.


4.Treasure in Trash

There’s a very delicate line between treasure and trash in terms of industrial theme. Know what could be trashed and what could be treasured. What you thought were spare forgotten bolts could make a great picture frame border. Or remember that flat puncture tyre you were planning to throw away? Use that to make a swing your little one will love.


Don’t stop at black and white. Use saturated hues of green, brick red, indigo, grey, beige with natural textures, but be careful not to overdo it. Select a colour pallet and go with it. Balance is the key.

Published: 02 Dec 2016