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The Great Give Away: The Secret To Beautifying Your Home

Have you ever looked around your home and felt like something was missing?  Let’s explore the things that you can do to pull everything together for the décor that shows off your personality and is exactly the way you want it and you can accomplish this with 4 simple tips.



1.Wall Art: Exposed

Some people don’t realise how simple it is to make any room come to life right before your eyes at a relatively low cost. All you need to do is incorporate wall art.  There’s nothing else that will bring out a distinct mood and personality simply by hanging it on the wall.  Keep in mind the key to pulling off successful artwork for inspiration is to choose the right sizes and colours, they don’t have to match exactly, but they should compliment other colours in that room. Large walls can easily become the centerpiece of the room, so be sure to select a larger print with multiple pieces.  Whereas smaller walls should display smaller paintings, but they, too can add to the overall mood.  So be creative, and remember that handmade oil paintings on canvas that are already framed are an excellent choice, and they surprisingly more affordable than you would think.  The Magnolia Hand Painted Wall Art is perfect for larger walls, while the Corn Poppy Hand Painted Wall Art may be better suited for a smaller wall.


2.A theme, you ask?

Ask yourself “what is my theme?” Why? Well, if you have a common theme throughout the main areas of your home, you will have a clear and unified look that will make you and your guests feel welcomed and comfortable.  Your theme could be your favourite skyline, animal, or it could be as simple as choosing two-three colours, or a variety of patterns or textures to make a pleasing motif.  This will help the interior flow nicely from room to room.  Be sure you keep your style preference in mind as you go along.  For example, a contemporary theme sets a sophisticated mood with an Italian style.


3.Set the mood with lighting

There are different accent lights that can help you set the mood of your home.  You can use a variety of candles, a fireplace, or you could opt for something more contemporary like pendant lighting.  A pendant light hangs from the ceiling like a chandelier, but has a single light source. Pendant lights can have shades directing light up, called an inverted pendant, or down, called a downlight. Inverted pendants provide ambient light, while downlights are typically used for task lighting or illuminating a workspace such as a kitchen island, an entryway, or even a dining area, like the Luxo Abel.



There’s nothing quite like using indoor plants and flowers for an added dimension of style and they work beautifully with any interior design that is suitable for you. Houseplants look great and they are relatively easy to care for, so be sure to include an array of plants and flowers throughout your home.


Published: 17 Aug 2016