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The right pendant lighting can be an unexpected exhibit of beauty in your dining room.

All About Pendant Lights

Lighting is one of the most important things when considering the functionality and enjoyment of your home. The addition of quality lighting for a specific task or purpose is the key in letting your interiors speak volumes for you. Pendant lighting is used in areas of your home that you need direct task lighting, or you need a drop down ambient light from a higher ceiling. Depending on your task and the decorative look you’re trying to achieve, pendant lighting can be perfect for your home. Whether you need lighting for task, general or decorative lighting, you’ve come to the right place. They are also commonly used in entryways, but it has also long been a staple to place pendant lighting in dining rooms, over kitchen islands, and in billiard rooms.


                               Luxo Abel Concrete Pendant Light


The Dining Area

While traditionally we are used to seeing chandeliers in a dining area, you can certainly defy the trend by using a multi-light pendant instead. As a rule, hang your fixture about 91cm above the dining room table surface to avoid the fixture interfering with dining. While hanging your fixture slightly lower will create a more intimate setting, be certain that the light is not so low that it creates a distracting glare.

                               Dining Table Pendant Light

Kitchen Island Lighting

If there’s one place in the home where task lighting reigns supreme, it would be the kitchen. Pendant lights hung over kitchen islands provide no-fuss task lighting while also enhancing your home’s décor with minimal effort. Since kitchen islands can be a high traffic area for family and friends, consider this when deciding on how low to hang your pendant because you don’t want it to interfere with the  should cook, but if used as a place to read or other work, it should be hung low enough to provide sufficient lighting.

                              Luxo Broden Industrial Antique Pendant Light

Game Rooms and Entryways

Pendants are perfect for your game room to illuminate your playing area for poker or billiards. Downward multi-light pendants remain a favorite as they eliminate glares and shadows which promote a better playing experience. Likewise, pendant fixtures in entryways not only provide adequate illumination when arriving, they also offer another layer of elegance and flair to the area. Choose a dramatic fixture that produces a warm light, or hang a series of identical pendant lights down a long corridor and always center the fixture with the front door.


Stylish and Practical

Regardless of where you choose to place your pendants, not only will they provide lighting and stylish décor to your home, but once in place, the offer a warm and inviting feel to them that will make everyone that arrives feel welcome. Remember, you can use pendants anywhere, so be sure to use them in other areas of your home including the den, home office, and even the laundry room.

Published: 19 Jan 2017