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Six Quick Tips To A Cosy And Tranquil Outdoor Sitting Area

If you are looking to create a cosy and tranquil sitting area, then bench seating may be the way to go.  These tips will help guide you toward make the right choice for you. An outdoor garden bench can not only provide you with a place to sit when you are enjoying your garden, it can become an attractive and integral part of the garden itself. It can also be used to create a quaint conversation area. So, to get the most enjoyment for your bench, consider doing a little homework before you buy.  It could be well worth it.


1.Where will it be placed?

Take a folding chair or small stool and walk around your yard or garden and place it wherever you're considering putting the bench and have a seat. As you look around, you can decide which location has the perfect view.  You should take this step in the morning, the afternoon, and in the evening.  In addition to looking at the view, pay attention to the sun and shade, because you probably don’t want to be blinded by the sun or too hot because there is no shade.


You may also want to measure the area and be sure to look at the dimensions of the model you select, it may not fit properly, or you may decide two or three benches, or a bench and a couple of chairs would make a nice conversation area.

3.Is the ground level?

The next step is to figure make sure the ground is even, this can easily be checked with a level or if you want to put some pavers down to set it on, or just want to put it in between flowers or plants.  The choice is entirely yours.


4.What type of bench do you want?

Now that you know where to put your outdoor garden bench, what kind of bench do you want? There are literally hundreds of designs made with many different materials that you can find online and at local shops.  You want to choose a style that fits your garden design, looks attractive and fits in your budget. Wooden benches are the most popular, and there are many options, like traditional benches with a back, backless benches, storage benches, folding benches, and so much more.


5.How much seating to you need?

Think about the number of family or guests you will want to offer seating.  Most garden benches will easily seat two or three people, but if you need more seating than that, you may want to consider creating a conversation area with two or three benches, or add a few garden chairs, so you can share your favourite spot.


Installing your bench may be as simple as setting it in place. If you need to level the area, your bench will be much steadier. You can set the bench on pavers or gravel to encourage water to drain away from the legs of the bench and then use a level to ensure that your bench is set evenly on the surface.

Now that your bench is all set in the garden, you can go out, relax, and enjoy the view whenever the mood strikes.

Published: 05 Sep 2016