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How to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

How to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

Tired of living in a congested space? Are you considering renovation, but the small square footage is limiting your ideas? Trying to turn your place from looking extraordinarily cramped to looking like a peaceful spacious room? If your answer is yes to any of the questions mentioned, then read on. If not, still read on to know the top 10 furniture pieces that will create extra space in your room, while giving it a sophisticated look.

1.Using Angled Furniture

One rule to apply in small space is letting your furniture breathe by not stamping it against the wall. For giving your room a bigger appearance, try angling your furniture and bed to give an allusion of spaciousness. Using furniture with raised legs is another trick. Check out this Scandinavian Style TV Cabinet with high raised legs and smart storage compartments. 

Luxo Drammen Scandinavian Style TV Cabinet - Oak Tones

2.Using Light Hues

Painting your house with light colours will add extra space in the visibility of your rooms. Try picking pale shades that are monochrome.


3.Using Multifunctional Furniture

Try 2 in 1, or 3 in 1 furniture. Not only do they avoid unnecessary storage space, but they also reduce your costs of buying several furniture pieces individually. Get your Luxo Divnoe Leather Bed stool with storage compartment to store things not needed frequently. This genuine-cow head-leather Bed stool top will not only last for years, but it will also give an instant facelift to your bedroom.

Luxo Divnoe Leather Bedstool with Storage Compartment - Black

4.Using Mirrors

Using mirrors whenever possible gives a great depth dimension to your room, making it look larger than it really is. Opt for large mirrors for your dressing table or place it strategically around your room to give it a stylish look.


5.Using Foldable Pieces

Look for foldable furniture, which allows for greater space when not in use. You can also use the few inches of space created behind the bed to stack them.


6.Using Pale Curtains

Or not using curtains at all, will also make your space look airy. If using drapes on windows, pick shades from a pale pallet. You can also go for clear shower curtains for tiny bathrooms.


7.Using A Big Statement Piece

To avoid the cluttered look of many small furniture items, select one big statement piece like a sophisticated large couch or a trendy wicker chair. Try Luxo Viola PE Wicker Egg Chair with an excellent nesting weaving design.

Luxo Viola PE Wicker Egg Chair - White

8.Using a Dark Ceiling

To create a heightened look of a room, pop your room with dark color ceilings which, when mixed with pale hues of the wall, gives a look of taller room.


9.Using Lights Around the Room

Ditch the overhead lights which only focuses on certain areas and opt for lamps that spread the light around the room. For example, Luxo Floor Lamp is the choice you should opt for. The energy saving solar power gives hours of light after the sun goes down.

Luxo Jayce Outdoor Solar Wicker Floor Lamp - Black

10.See-Through Furniture

Buying see-through furniture like glass tables, works wonders to fool your eyes. Linear Bio Ethanol Fireplace, with glass covering is what is highly recommended. Environmentally friendly, vent-less and minimalist design - what else would one want?!

LINEAR Bio Ethanol Fireplace - Black


Published: 29 Dec 2016