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A Little Bar Talk

Enjoy conversation while you cook, eat, and hang out…

Bar stools are becoming more popular in homes throughout Australia, but not because it is a passing trend, it’s because people are gaining more and more appreciation of the ways in which breakfast bar seating can play a role in styling their kitchen.  So they aren’t simply pieces of functional furniture.  Stools are the ideal seating solution, are available in various styles and colours, and most people like the taller height makes it easier to get in and out of and it is better for dining and conversation.  Whether you’re creating a home bar or if you are updating your kitchen, contemporary bar stools could be the best decision you make. 


1.The kitchen bar

There is no question that families greatly benefit from a formal dining area because it’s a place you can spend quality time together.  However, a lot of families are opting for the more laid-back method of stool seating as it is a more pleasant way to sit down and eat together, which is far better-suited for our hectic schedules than the traditional dinner table. This means that a breakfast nook is a must-have for your kitchen, and it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to pull it off.  It can be as easy as simply adding stools to your current kitchen counter or island.  It’s perfect for any meal or snack time, sipping tea, or just relaxing with your favourite book.

2.New look for your home bar?

You could settle for the old fashioned tree stump, but it doesn’t have the features of a modern bar stool.  Get ready for a sleek new look for your home bar, with a modern bar stool – it is sure to be a real treat for you and your guests.  Not only are they practical, they are also extremely stylish.

3.Easily make a bold statement

Most homes have a kitchen island or a counter that can be used.  Just add the stools and you have a new elevated sense of style in your home that you and your family will enjoy.  There are numerous types of bar stools you can choose from and the decision should to be based on the overall style and colours that blend in or contrast to make a bold statement.


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Published: 22 Sep 2016