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A Comprehensive Guide to Wine Storage

If you love wine, you need to know how to store it properly, because if it isn’t done correctly, the flavor of this amazing drink may be compromised. That means the temperature in which you store it is one of the most important factors to consider when preserving this beverage.

Remember that wine is alive, so how you store it will affect how quickly it ages, how well it ages and how good a wine you end up with. In addition, a wine cellar is not a wine hospital, so if you’re starting with got an average bottle of wine start with, it will not improve with age. It’ll just be an older average bottle of wine.

The magic temperature range for storing wine is 12˚C - 16˚C, therefore, a fridge is an essential tool for any wine drinker. Using a special refrigerator will be most efficient as this allows you to control the temperature perfectly and offers some other advantages as well.


One of the advantages is that you can keep your wine bottles isolated from other substances and odours. These ‘neighbors’ can affect the aroma and flavour, so it is imperative to store your wine bottles away from everything else. A cellar would be a good solution, but few people have the opportunity to build one in their homes, making a wine fridge an excellent option for many people.

A wine fridge is a cost-efficient alternative that requires much less maintenance than a cellar. In fact, considering the current level of refrigerating technology, this device can create better conditions for the bottles.


Keep the temperature stable

Please note that despite the fact that different types of wine allow for the specified temperature range, they do not respond well to fluctuations. It’s essential to keep the temperature stable, which is another reason why fridges are superior to cellars, especially if you have an emergency source to keep the device running in case of a blackout.

Maintaining a stable and consistent wine storage temperature is so important because even the smallest changes affect extremely complex chemical reactions that occur in the beverage while it ages. The lower the temperature, the slower the aging process is. Therefore, if you store bottle of excellent wine at higher temperatures, it can be well past its prime in only a few months. This would be a huge waste of money and a great drink, so that’s why it’s important to pay attention to the temperature. However it is important to note that a steady storage temperature of 21˚C is better than temperature that goes from7˚C to 18˚C and back again every day. Likewise, be sure not to overdo it with your fridge as setting the temperature too cool is as detrimental as leaving it too high.

Aging your wine faster by leaving it in your closet won’t work either, because the speed of the process is an essential factor in ‘producing’ top-quality wine. A bottle treated this way will always be inferior to the one aged under the proper wine storage temperature.

Sunlight and UV light also prematurely ages a bottle of wine, especially with clear bottles, but equally important to know is that ultraviolet light will penetrate even dark coloured glass and will damage wine by causing the degradation of the stable organic compounds. These are important as they affect the aroma, flavor, and structure, and without them, the wine would be flat and thin. Further, such exposure will result in unfavourable and irreversible changes in your wine. When you look for a wine fridge, make sure it is designed to protect bottles from UV light, like the VinoVault UV Protect Underbench Dual Zone Wine Fridge.



Humidity is also an important factor to consider. You want humidity so the cork stays in good shape and prevents it from shrinking. The 70% is the optimal humidity level, but anywhere between 50% - 80% is acceptable. A low level will dry out the cork and it will lose its elasticity and allow air to get into the bottle. Once the air gets in, there is no saving it. This is another benefit of having a wine fridge, as it takes care of protecting your wine for you, so all you need to do is decide when and how you will be serving it. So if you love your wine and want are looking for a wine fridge, feel free to browse our large selection of wine fridges.


Published: 01 Nov 2016