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5 Easy Tips to Pick Lighting Options for Your Space

Gone are the days when lighting was used to see your way around. Today, more and more people are investing in expensive lighting solutions, to create the ambience of their choosing. You may believe it or not, but picking the right lighting options for your home can have a direct impact on your mood and productivity of your work. Although, preferences in lighting differ from person to person, and from room to room, here are five easy tips and tricks to keep in mind before you consider managing lighting for you and your family.


1.Mixing and Matching Is the Key

A major rule of thumb when it comes to choosing light levels is to include a mix of lighting sources from different angles to create a majestic ambience.If your home has dramatic dark ceilings, opt for recessed lighting fixtures like can lights. Mix it with a couple of different lights which serve different functions. Consider installing a dimmer control to maintain the overall look of your room. This Luxo LED Puppy Dog Decorative Light not only provides adjustable lighting modes, but it is also a great piece for your children’s room!

3.Task Lighting for Functionality

Using task lighting appropriately and strategically is the second cheat code to keep in mind. Make sure lights are aimed at where tasks or specific activity is needed to be done. By increasing illumination at certain work areas like your kitchen or study table, you can increase functionality at home. There is a wide variety of lighting & LED furniture to choose from to offer you the perfect lighting for your home.

3.Don’t Forget Night Lighting

How much light would your children need for a peaceful sleep? What about the walkway or the balcony? This is when dim wall scones and table lamps comes to mind. Avoid harsh unnecessary lights at night to give a peaceful ambience. To keep an overall dark cosy look to your bedroom, choose soft glowing lamps or accent fixtures like pendants to enhance the mood. If placed strategically, these can be pleasing to the eye after a long day’s work. You can also opt for energy efficient solar powered lights like this Luxo Jayce Oudoor Solar Wicker Floor Lamp.


4.Researching Can Help

There are numerous styles of lighting. You don’t want to end up doubting your selection or regretting a purchase. Research about what you’re looking for and its suitable alternatives. You never know what you might come across!

5.Invite in Natural Light

Often overlooked, natural light also plays an important role when picking lighting options. Windows and other reflective surfaces are one of the fundamental lighting options providing effective internal lighting. Along with its many other benefits, natural glowing light comes free!

Published: 06 Dec 2016