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4 Must- Do's for a Perfect BBQ

There’s no doubt that outdoor entertaining can be one of the most satisfying things you can do with friends and family.  Before you schedule your first BBQ this year, put some thought into a few things to make it stress-free and enjoyable for everyone.  These tips will help you prepare to ensure a successful party with happy guests that can’t wait for the next one.
These 4 “musts” will help you create the perfect, cosy backyard space, for a BBQ to remember.

   1.Entertaining outdoor activities

Your guests will have a blast and will stick around longer if there is something for them to do. There are many games or activities you could have available, like backyard cricket.  Be sure there are appropriate activities for different age groups so everyone will have fun!

2.Setting up your outdoor living area
Look at the seating and table space you have to offer your guests.
Sure, you could break out the folding chairs and the wobbly table, but wouldn’t it be really nice to provide your guests with comfortable seating?
Why not offer something that’s not only elegant, but also allows for hours of conversation in comfort, like one of our dining settings or sofas & lounge settings?

3.Eating is the highlight of any BBQ
Who doesn’t show up at a barbie ready to eat?
Make sure your equipment is in good shape. If it is old and rusty, you might want something new.
If you decide to purchase new cooking gear, think about what you want from it.
Do you want just a grill? Or, you could cook over an open fire (or both).

Some grills also double as a fire pit that can be enjoyed well into the night, like the Luxo Parma.

4.Don’t forget the beverages
Make sure you have plenty of drinks for everyone.  If you want serve a refreshing adult beverage, the Strawberry Kir Royale is sure to be a hit!


125ml (1/2 cup) creme de cassis

2 x 750ml bottles of chilled sparkling wine

12 strawberries, washed and dried

Directions: Pour cassis evenly among serving glasses. Top with sparkling wine.  Place one strawberry in each glass and serve immediately.


Published: 05 Aug 2016