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6 Ideas to Dress Up Your Living Room

One of the main rooms in your home that is often the center of any gathering is your living room. So when you come home and look around, are you happy with how it looks? Is it missing something? Perhaps you just need to make some adjustments. When you’re ready to rearrange your space so it’s more attractive, functional and flowing, use the following ideas to help you achieve that goal.

1. Find your focal point

If you need to look around, go ahead. Once you have figured out what your focal point is, what is it? Is it your fireplace, the window, or your wall art?  Most homes will have a single focal point which is what you want people to see first as they enter the room.  It’s exactly the part of the room you want to show off. If your windows are low, choose furniture that has a low profile so it doesn’t block the view, like the Luxo Ramten 3 Seater Scandinavian Sofa. You will see that this sofa tastefully brightens up your living room with its gorgeous ivory smoke colour, elegant curves and straight lines.

Luxo Ramten 3 Seater Scandinavian Sofa - Ivory Smoke

2. Establish the center point

Most of the time the center point is just that, the center (or middle) of the room, but it isn’t always. And it could be more than one item. Generally, this is where the coffee table or center table should sit.  If your home has a very long or very large living room, consider having two of them, where one will be slightly smaller than the other. For example, the first one could be your coffee table, something like the Luxo Xander High Gloss Glass Top Coffee Table. This table is a piece of artwork that will enchant your family and friends during many hours of entertainment and social gatherings. And, the second could be similar end tables, using either the same or contrasting colours, like the Replica Kugel Tear Drop Fibreglass Side Table that boasts a unique water-drop shaped base with a high-gloss black finish, topped with tempered glass, with smooth curves and edges.

Xander High Gloss Glass Top Coffee Table - Black



3. Select the seating

The right furniture is whatever works best for your family. Some people enjoy sofas because there’s room for more than one person, or you can stretch out and relax with a book. They create a more intimate seating arrangement as it forces people to sit next to each other, which, in turn, encourages conversation. Armchairs, or side chairs, allow you to better control where individuals will sit and what direction they will face. The key is to find the balance between sofas and individual chairs, which is one reason many choose sets because you get matching items and seating for multiple people. One of the more comfortable fabric types today is microfiber, it works with many styles and is less costly than other materials. If you are looking for a plush and comfy couch you can sink into, check out the Luxo Lolfa 6-Seater Microfibre Sofa Set in chocolate or taupe and they are available in individual pieces too. You can check out other sofa and lounge settings.

Luxo Lolfa 6-Seater Microfibre Sofa Set - Chocolate

4. Get the right size of everything
Always remember to measure before purchasing any furniture. Otherwise, you may end up with furniture that’s either too large or too small for your room. You will need to make sure you have enough space to be able to walk around it with ease, plus, you will wind up with the perfect set for your home.

5. Add an area rug

An area rug tends to tie the entire room together. It is suggested that if you opt to use an area rug, the general rule is to place it in the center of the room and either put everything on the rug, or keep everything off of the rug, but you can decide for yourself once you have it all in front of you.

6. Add height to your room

Adding wall art is a great way to add dimension and inspiration to your home and it can easily be the focal point of your room depending on the size and location of it. If you place it where it is visible as soon as you enter the room, you will know it was the right choice by all of the compliments you receive, especially with the Magnolia Hand Painted Wall Art.

Magnolia Hand Painted Wall Art - 4 Piece Framed Canvas Set

Now that you have your room settled, you can invite your family and friends over so they can see what a fantastic designer you truly are!

Published: 22 Mar 2017